Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Theater Degree Is Not Useless

Here's miniature superhero the Atom, in deadly peril. A villain has ironed his body out until he's paper-thin, and the energies released have given the villain the ability to see the future. The Atom has figured out that these energies are only released when the Atom is tired, and fatigue is caused by lactic acid, and adrenaline will counteract the lactic acid, removing the villain's precognitive abilities. It's science! But how can he get his adrenaline pumping?

Sense memory to the rescue!

The villain comes back to investigate, the Atom escapes, beats him up, and un-irons himself.

And that's how the Actors Studio saved the world.

Images from the black-and-white collection Showcase Presents the Atom. They originally appeared (in color) in The Atom issue 16, December 1964-January 1965.


  1. I LOVE this! And the hoovering my pointer over the picture hidden easter eggs are genius.