Saturday, May 26, 2012

Quiet, Mel!

I've made you a video! Mel, played by Bonnie Langford, was a companion to the Sixth and Seventh Doctors, and was without a doubt the screamiest in a long line of screamers. Here are all her screams, run together in one convenient video, for no reason at all. Crank that volume!


  1. Just brilliant Brian. Makes me wish I watched those episodes. And so apt, given that Bonnie Langford became famouse for one line, in her Just William days - 'I'll thcweam and thcweam until I'm thick'.

    Saw her on stage a couple of months back, in Spamalot. What a talented woman.

  2. I've never seen her on-stage, through I'd like to. She's actually quite good in Doctor Who, but she came aboard at a rough time for the show and the writers didn't seem to know what to do with her. And the screaming did get to be a bit much.