Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dr. "Awesome Taste in Decorating" Is More Like It

Somebody's a fan... Does the control room of new Justice Society villain Dr. Hate look familiar to anyone? Keep in mind her sinister scheme involves manipulating time.

This comes from JSA All-Stars 17, cover dated June 2011, and combines my favorite TV show with my favorite comic book super-team. I believe the proper term is...squee? I don't know whether writer Matthew Sturges or artist Freddie Williams II is responsible for the nod, but whoever it was deserves a jelly baby. Or fish fingers and custard.


  1. I wonder if there'll be any more Who links next month.

    Did you see this week's Agent of STYLE at Newsarama?

  2. I hope so! At least another look at her console room.

    I hadn't seen that column before (and only just now got a chance to read it). Fun - for a style column, there were a lot of smart insights into the Doctors' characterizations. I'd love to see him go more in-depth into the classic Doctors.