Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Where's Topo When You Need Him?

I would like to take a moment to share with you my new favorite comic page ever. I love it even more than that page where Animal Man made me feel uncomfortable for reading comics in my underwear. But first, some set-up. This comes from DC Universe Online Legends 5, cover dated Early June, 2011. This is a comic spin-off of the DC MMORPG, but that's not important right now. Here's the scene - little nano-robots which can siphon super-powers have attacked the Justice League's satellite headquarters. Aquaman got knocked around pretty bad and is recovering in a tank full of water. The little robots come back to attack the weak and defenseless Aquaman, but luckily the Big Blue Boy Scout is there to save his wet behind.

There's Aquaman, floating in the tank doing nothing. He wants to help, but he's still weak from the initial attack. (I'm not going to say, "Even weaker than normal." I like Aquaman.)

So Superman pops him back in the tank for safekeeping. This all happens in the first three pages of the comic. It's followed by seventeen pages or so of the Justice League running themselves ragged trying and failing to stop these tiny little robots. Eventually the hull of their headquarters is breached, and they decide to abandon ship. They all grab oxygen masks and meet at the teleporters. And then this happens:

They forgot Aquaman! Batman, who never forgets anything ever, forgot Aquaman! It's like Home Alone, only the house blew up and Macauley Culkin died! This happened, in an actual DC comic! Look at Aquaman - he's got his face pressed up against the glass like that puppy you played with at the pet store but decided not to bring home with you. Except the pet store exploded after you left.

I just love this page so much I had to share. Thank you, Marv Wolfman. This is more ridiculous than Donna Troy's marriage to Terry Long.

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